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Zero capital


Minimized staffing


Improved report


Reduced IT

Key Results

  • Reduced physician burnout and fatigue
  • Improved patient-physician interactions
  • 10-12 hours saved per week
  • 25-30% increase in patient consultations
  • Improved business bottom line upto 40%
  • Reduced downcoding

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    Doctor Testimonials

    Words of appreciation

    “Excel has revolutionized my work as a physician expert witness for five years now. My IME reports are 20-50 pages and are filled with medical terminology of all specialties. Excel’s accuracy is nothing less than astonishing. The turnaround time is lightning fast and the rates are very reasonable. I’ve used half a dozen transcription agencies, and none can hold a candle to Excel. Apart from my lengthy reports, the ease of dictation with letters, notes, invoices, etc. is terrific. The phone medium, which is toll free, makes the documentation part of medical practice totally manageable. I’ve been in practice for 30 years and have tried all kinds of new technologies including advanced dragon; I continue to find Excel superior to all the others.”

    -Psychiatrist, Arizona

    “In our practice, to have the dictated records ready for us the next morning is essential. Excel has provided us with accurate reports and fast turnaround time. When we have problem with our digital recorder, we know we can and have used the 800 number for the dictations as our back up and always received the same professional quality service and excellent turn around time.”

    -Infectious Disease Specialist, Illinois

    I have used Excel dictation service since 2005 and I have never not received my material the next morning. Considering the volume of my daily transcriptions, their service is outstanding.”

    -Family Physician, Ohio

    “I am a very busy urologist and have been in practice for 20 years. I venture to say that this is the fastest and most efficient transcription service I have had in my entire career. I cannot say enough good things about the quality of their service. One of the best things I like about Excel is that you can just pick up your phone and dictate from any place at any time. In the morning, you have all of your dictation handed to you by the time your office opens. It cannot get any better than that for a doctor.”

    -Urologist, Illinois

    “I have been using Excel’s services for over 15 years. Their service has been prompt and accurate. I would recommend anyone to get in touch with them for all their healthcare documentation needs.”

    -Podiatric Surgeon, North Carolina

    We work on your current software – EHR and billing

    Some of them we have worked with:

    GE Healthcare
    nextGen Healthcare

    Excel Scribe helps doctors:


    Chart timely and accurately


    Streamline office tasks


    Manage collections

    • Physicians have noticed a shift in their practice efficiency and personal well-being while using our transcription and scribe services.
    • Patient satisfaction has improved because doctors don’t need to look at the screen during consultations anymore. Just like good old times.
    • Minimized screentime has reduced physician burnout. Our team of well-trained and qualified scribes, transcriptionists and proof-readers take care of the documentation.
    • Whether it is a large hospital or a private medical practice, our solutions can be tailored as per your specific requirements.


    • Standard Turn-Around-Time of less than 24 hours
    • 2 hours STAT
    • 3 levels of proofreading
    • Starting from 6 cents per line
    • Fixed pricing option available for practices with 5+ physicians


    • Standard Turn-Around-Time of less than 24 hours (for offline scribes)
    • Eliminates need to dictate separately
    • Option to complete notes real-time
    • Starts at $10 hourly/$1200 monthly
    • Wasting time charting? Reports are often delayed with missing and incorrect information?

    Excel’s Medical Transcription and Medical Scribe service will help you get the first step of clinical documentation right – the first time, and save precious time.

    • Spending time and resources to train staff to find they’re not available when you need them the most? Behind on daily and critical office tasks?

    Virtual Assistant Services offered by Excel take care of this for you and ensures all daily and critical work is current.

    • Delayed, denied and underpayments?

    Our certified team of billers and coders help in Medical Billing and Collections to ensure you’re paid in full, on time.

    How Can we Help?

      *By submitting your contact information, you agree to receive communication from Excel Scribe LLC which would include updates about our services, promotional offers and newsletters. You can opt-out by replying to the email/text message.